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Food Science

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Food Science Division started with the study of powder flavor materials by paying attention to the function that micelle colloid (polymer) of sugar contains and stabilizes the flavor substances of food. We have learned much from it and increased the areas of the technology application.

 Capitalizing on the technologies established this way such as powderization/emulsification technology, CD packaging technology, extracts processing technology, blending technology, etc., we are engaged in the contracted processing business (development, prototyping, manufacturing) of food additives formulation materials and various functional materials centering on vitamins and other substances by using the quality control systems based on ISO9001 and Food GMP.

Furthermore, we are proceeding with the development and sales business of materials and health supplement foods by making use of the knowledge and technology of food processing.

Our Food Science Products are manufactured at a factory certified by the Food GMP System.

It is a quality control system in the manufacture of food additives. The non-government standard certified by the Japan Food Additives Association is generally called Food GMP. (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice)

Development/Manufacturing Processing/Sales/Contracted Manufacturing for Food additive tablet

Powder materials/emulsion materials

We have commercialized water-soluble materials containing oil-soluble food materials such as vitamin A, D3, E and β-calotene by using the unique characteristics of highly concentrated saccharide solution.

  • Water-soluble materials containing oil-soluble substances

Mixed powdered materials

We are engaged in the development, sales and contracted business of mixed materials in response to the purposes and uses of our customers such as vitamin mixed materials, amino acid mixed materials, mixed flavor materials, etc.

  • Vitamin mixed materials…toughening agent materials
  • Glycine mixed materials…Preservation agent materials

Development/Manufacturing Processing/Sales/Contracted Manufacturing for Functional-foods material

 Development/sales of materials

  • Catechin, maitake, Siraitia grosvnorii
  • Upgrading poor water-solubility matters to water-soluble materials