Seasoning Recipes – Sweetness is Flavor.

Hints on sugar quantity and weight
Johakutou Granulated sugar
Small spoonful – 5cc 3g 4g
Large spoonful – 15cc 9g 13g
Cupful – 200cc 110g 170g

+ Dipping Sauce for Sweet-and-Sour Pork (per 200g of pork)

Soy sauce: 4 large spoonfuls
Soup: 1.5 cupfuls
Starch with water: 2 large spoonfuls
Vinegar: 3 large spoonfuls
Ketchup: 1 large spoonful
sugar: 1/3 cupfuls

Adjust the quantity of ketchup and sugar as needed. Please use dry mushrooms(shiitake) soaking water if any.
When you dip shiitake mushrooms in water, if you add a little sugar, it will reconstitute shiitake uniformly.

+Sushi Rice (per 3 cupfuls of rice)

Vinegar: 4 large spoonfuls
Sugar: 3 large spoonfuls
Salt: a little less than 1/2 large spoonfuls

Scatter awase-su (sweet vinegar) over the rice while it is hot, and commingle and cool the rice by fanning it.

+ Fish teriyaki (4 pieces of fish)

Soy sauce: 4 large spoonfuls
Sake: 4 large spoonfuls
Mirin (sweet sake): 3 large spoonfuls
Sugar: 1 large spoonful

Dip the fish pieces in the seasoning for about 15 minutes before grilling. Brush the seasoning over the fish pieces to get a better taste.

+ Nimame (cooked beans) (per 120g of beans)

Salt: a little less than 1/2 small spoonfuls
Sugar: 1 cupful
Water: 3 cupfuls

Uzura mame (pinto beans), Ingen mame (kidney beans or navy beans), hanamame(runner beans), etc.
Adding 2 to 3 divides of sugar is a knack.

+ Jam (per 120g of fruits)

Lemon juice: a little Sugar: 1 cupful

Use fruits in season, and make jam with favorite sweetness.