Company Information

Message from President

代表取締役社長 櫻田 誠司

Nihon Seito Co., Ltd. and Fuji Seito Co., Ltd., which were established soon after the end of The World War Ⅱ as sugar refining manufacturers to supply and distribute quality sugar in Japan, merged to form Fuji-Nihon Seito Corp., in 2001.

As well as sugar, as our core business, we have been trying to expand Non-sugar business such as functional materials, floral preservatives and food additives.

We would like to express our great thanks to your strong support and continued patronage for a long time.

On Sugar business, just before TPP comes into force, some big changes are expected in the consumer trend, the regulatory system and the environment surrounding sugar industry in Japan, where sugar consumption is gradually declining. We must recognize that our Sugar business also may be reaching a unprecedented turning point.
In response to such possible changes, we transferred our sugar refining operation from the both of the former Nihon Seito Yokohama plant and Fuji Seito Shimizu plant to Pacific Sugar Yokohama plant. Such concentration of sugar refining base enabled us to successfully increase production efficiency and decrease production cost.

Through improvement of quality of sugar and sugar-related service, stable supply of sugar with "food safety & security", we would like to reinforce and maintain the basis of Sugar business.
On the other hand, by developing Non-sugar business, mainly Functional materials business, we will balance between Sugar and Non-sugar business and try our best to establish a solid foundation for long term and sustainable growth.

On Functional materials business, Fuji-FF(inulin) as a functional substance has been approved as "Foods with Function Claims" in terms of the following three points by the Secretary-General of the Consumer Affairs Agency in Japan.
1. To improve intestinal environment by increasing intestinal Bifidobacterium.
2. To decrease blood lipid level.
3. To reduce postprandial glycemic response.
Also, Fuji-FF(inulin) has been widely used as an ingredient for low-carbohydrate foods. With such functions and characteristics, the number of the clients, who newly started to used Fuji-FF(inulin) in final products has been increased recently and the sales volume of Fuji-FF(inulin) has been increased, as a result.
In line with concentration of inulin manufacturing base in Thailand, we have just started promoting Fuji-FF(inulin) in Thailand and Asia & Oceanian countries, as well as Japan.
Furthermore, with our business partner, we set-up long-life bread business in Thailand. Our long-life bread are made in Thailand by Japanese technology and are sold to the major retail stores and convenience stores in Thailand and are started to be exported to the neighbor countries, too.

Our Corporate Philosophy states that "We, Fuji-Nihon Seito Corp., aim to be 'A strong Company with a vision', helping to create a healthy lifestyle for consumers.".
While stably maintaining the base of business activity like Sugar business, we will find and develop dream-inspiring business both within and outside Japan, which can be passed to the next generation.

We, all the officers and Group employees of Fuji-Nihon Seito Corp., will continue to give back to our shareholders, consumers, partners, the local community, Group employees and all parties concerned through our steady growth, while also fulfilling our responsibilities to society.
We look forward to your continued guidance and support.

Seiji Sakurada
President & CEO