Fruit Segments

Fresh and delicious citrus fruits are packed into a can.

The fruits for our Orange Segment products and Grapefruit Segment products are
made by Onderberg Verwerkingskooperasie Beperk located in Mpumalanga State,
northeastern part of the Republic of South Africa.
Onderberg Verwerkingskooperasie Beperk, a processing factory of Malalane Citrus Co-op
runs business operations starting with raw material management
under tie-up contracts with huge farms in the neighborhood.
They use only raw materials appropriate for canning processes, selecting
oranges and grapefruits grown under rich sunlight in the district of fertile natural environment.
Their reliable processing work is based on 15 years of experience.

Valencia orange Marsh Grapefruit
Can type A10can×6/box A10can×6/box
Net weight 3,000g/can 3,000g/can
Drained weight 1,700g/can 1,540g/can
Brix (Syrup) 15~17 15~17
Acidity (as citric acid) 0.5~1.2% 0.5~1.2%
pH 3.2~3.8 3.0~3.5
T.P.C. max. 300/g max. 300/g
Mould & Yeast negative negative
Coliforms negative negative
Ingredients Valencia orange
Marsh Grapefruit
Sugar/Calcium Lactate

Besides the above-mentioned segments, we also handle fruits materials like fruit juices.